In conclusion, a recent court case in Virginia was an administrative appeal by environmental groups of the Virginia State Pollution Control Board. Environmental Groups sued the Virginia State Pollution Control Board in August 2023, arguing that withdrawing from RGGI was illegal. The lawsuit argued that Virginia law requires Virginia to stay in RGGI. On November 3, 2023, a judge dismissed the case in Fairfax County and said it could be refiled in Floyd County, where one of the environmental groups is located. This Virginia controversy will likely not be decided until it works through the Virginia court system. Virginia’s withdrawal from RGGI will negatively impact the ability of our neighboring states to address greenhouse emissions because our future is uncertain until the courts decide. Virginia should not withdraw from RGGI because it has helped a lot in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and we benefit with our participation because it has helped reduce pollution and gas, especially with climate change and the rising temperatures that cause global warming and climate change, which impacts the environment.